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DAIANE smooth 320g - rovné vlasy k našívání

DAIANE smooth 320g - rovné vlasy k našívání

850,00 Kč

Extensions in High Temperature Fiber

Light and Silky – 100% Natural Look

  • 7 boundle: 2x70cm, 3x65cm, 2x60cm
  • Weight: 320gr
  • One Pack to Complete Your Look
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Daiane extensions are made of high temperature fiber (100% Pet).
It is possible to shape them with normal styling tools, resistant up to 180 °
  • STRUCTURE Soft, elastic texture with excellent durability;
  • TEXTURE Texture similar to human hair;
  • PROPERTIES Non-knot, soft and easy to comb;
  • MAINTENANCE The extensions are washable with classic products such as shampoo and conditioner;
  • CUT Extensions can be cut and reshaped.

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